One of the greatest benefits of being a MAMSS member is access to educational events.

The MAMSS Annual Conference is a two-day conference held in person each spring.  Each annual conference offers educational content from a number of nationally recognized speakers as well as plenty of opportunities for networking.

MAMSS also offers a virtual educational event each fall allowing members to gain access to additional educational sessions from their offices or homes.

In addition, each of the four MAMSS Regions hold meetings throughout the year.  These meetings may be held either remotely or in person and are open to all MAMSS members, regardless of which region they reside or work in.  The regional meetings offer members an opportunity to learn of recent changes affecting the medical staff services profession, network with others, and receive updates from the MAMSS Board.  Members are encouraged to reach out to their regional representatives to submit topics for discussion.

MAMSS also encourages members to access the NAMSS Education Center and consider attending the NAMSS Annual Conference.