MAMSS Mentor Application
MAMSS Protégé Application

What is Mentoring?
Mentoring is a relationship between those with certain knowledge, skills and connections and those who desire those skills, knowledge and connections to further their own personal and professional growth. MAMSS is initiating this program to provide support and professional expertise to individuals transitioning to the profession or working in a one-person office or professionals new to leadership. Mentoring takes the form of encouragement, support and affirmation as well as sharing a form, identifying a resource, or explaining the “whys” of a process. It can be face-to-face, online, or by phone.

Why should you Mentor?
Mentors receive the satisfaction of helping someone grow and succeed. It is an opportunity for the seasoned professional to “give back” to his or her professional community; to say “thank you” for those who helped them when they needed it. It builds the strength of the profession at its base and elevates those who work in it.

What Mentors are Not.

  • Mentors don’t always have the answers. Mentors suggest resources.
  • Mentors don’t always provide solutions to your problems. Mentors introduce you to ideas, concepts, decision-making tools, and other professionals.
  • Mentors don’t do your work for you. Mentors have their own jobs.
  • Mentors don’t make decisions for you. At the end of the day, decisions belong to you.

Who are MAMSS Mentors?
While the expectations are spelled out on the application form, generally MAMSS expects mentors to be certified, have administrative experience relevant to the needs of potential mentoring program applicants, been through a accreditation survey process, and be a MAMSS member.

What MAMSS expects of a Mentoring Program Applicant (Protégé):
A protégé candidate is someone at the level who is relatively new to the responsibilities associated with leadership or someone who is assuming responsibility for a specific aspect of medical staff administration for which they need outside assistance. A protégé candidate should be a member of MAMSS and committed to staying within the field.

Applications for both mentors and proteges are now available. Applications are evaluated by a MAMSS Board member and matched based on a skill: need basis. Once accepted participants will receive additional information on how to maximize this relationship.