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      Jennifer J

        Is anyone else taking the CPCS exam this fall? I registered for the exam today! I would be open to having a study session or two with any others preparing for the exam. I have the printed study guide – I need the current standards crosswalk if anyone is willing to share.


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        Jennifer J

          I am interested in any other study materials that people found helpful during their test prep.

          Has anyone taken the $50 practice test? Do you think it was worth it?

          Finally, for those who have already taken the exam and are now certified, do you have any words of wisdom? The 2018 CPCS exam statistics are as follows:
          45% passed the exam
          55% failed the exam

          I do not want to be in the 55% – any advice is much appreciated.

          Thank you!

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          Stefanie Frank

            Hi Jennifer – good luck to you on your exam and taking the next step in your MSP career!! When I took my tests, I found the NAMSS Study Guides to be the most helpful. They have a practice test included with the book. I studied that diligently!! It’s a good idea to be familiar with ALL accrediting body regs. You also could sign up for the Cred Basics class to get a refresher! 🙂 Stef Frank, Hutchinson Health

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            Marie Silvers

              Hello Jennifer:

              I just took my CPCS exam this summer. I found the NAMSS Study Guide very helpful as well as the Comparison of Accreditation Standards guide. Read those materials over and over and over again! I also took the online course which was nice because it had a larger quiz at the end which gave a good idea what the questions would be like on the test. Although the pass/fail rate is very intimidating, I feel like if you really care about the exam and put the time and effort into studying, you will be just fine.

              Good luck! 🙂

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